Nawaitu, ready to learn to write articles in English

Ready to learn to write articles in English

write article in english

Nawaitu, ready to learn to write articles in English – Heard the news many Indonesian bloggers who managed to fame in the virtual world, I became increasingly curious to try new hobby to write on the blog. I know, it is not easy to have a great blog that has a loyal visitors and traffic overflow. It takes steely determination to follow the footsteps of the famous blogger.

Art this morning, precisely on June 8, 2015 to coincide with the age of the blog Banjarwangi 51st day, nawaitu I will learn to write articles in English so my initial mission to introduce the District Banjarwangi to the world can be realized.

The idea of ​​learning to write articles in English appear as the percentage of visitors from abroad and comments speak English quite a lot. While I use google translate to translate. Including this article I wrote in Indonesian, and then translated into English using Google’s translation tool.

Do not be surprised if the sentence structure (grammar) of this article is not neat and not appropriate rules of correct English. I believe that with the proverbial man jadda wajada, “whoever earnest, then he will be successful”. companions who are good at English, if you please please help me navigate in learning English. Or if you are just like me, is learning to write articles in English, let’s round it off determination and confidence to learn to write articles in English.



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